The biological cycle of OceanSafe products using the example of a curtain



  • Curtain Fabric: OceanSafe textiles are the semi-finished product and the base for a curtain
  • Material: The curtain is made in a certified sewing studio, with OceanSafe accessories only
  • Attractant: In order to ensure that the customer returns the product at the end of the life cycle he must be rewarded
  • Nutrient: The high quality raw materials of OceanSafe curtains turn into valuable nutrients after use
  • Raw material: The soil or the recovered gas are re-used to create a new OceanSafe product



All buttons are made out of biodegradable ivorynuts




Ostermundigenstrasse 60

CH 3011 Bern


Lizenznehmer Heimtextil:

Deco Design Fürus GmbH


Adolf Dembach Strasse 5

D-47829 Krefeld

Telefon +49 21 51 49 35 0


  1. Bezugsquellen / Evidence of sources
  2. Kollektion entwickeln / Design of collections
  3. Produktentwicklung / Product development
  4. Schulung / Workshop
  5. Vorlage / Presentations
  6. Unterlagen / Booklets, handouts



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