What does that mean exactly?

Cradle-to-Cradle  is a product concept, for which the word waste does not exist. Instead, the Cradle-to-Cradle concept regards everything as a basic material or nutrient, out of which something new can emerge:

Paper becomes the nutrient soil; old technical devices deliver the components for new ones.

The concept was developed by the German process engineer, chemist and former Greenpeace activist Michael Braungart.

At the same time, Cradle-to-Cradle is a seal of quality which is under the control of the independent Products Innovation Institute. The institute certifies five categories:


1. Material harmless for the health 

2. Sustainability

3. Usage of renewable energy

4. Water quality

5.Social responsibility

In each category five levels can be reached: Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. The strict overall rating of a product is based on the lowest achivment in any of the categories.