There is not only one OceanSafe base material which is always used.

First of all the requirements of the end-customer are analyzed and then the material will be developed accordingly.  

At the Moment we are working on 14 projects to develop materials and manufacturing techniques which correspond to the attributes of OceanSafe.

Regardless wether natural fibers or synthetic fibers are used, always the same quality features apply: biodegradable, no additive or accessory used which does not fit into the philosophy of the recipe. 

There was no project without several moments of thinking: "Come on, let it be, if the label has got some lead in the ink the development is much easier, what shall's??"

BUT NO, OceanSafe is a promise!  


Cleopatra Cotton


A fantastic story!

Already Cleopatra had harvested the cotton for the sails of her fleet from the plantation in the southern part of Turkey. 

This Cleopatra Cotton is used for the OceanSafe bedding and decoratrive fabrics.

This organic cotton, grown without the use of pesticides and other polluted aids is the basis for this purpose.  With the immense knowledge of the EPEA Switzerland AG all manufacturing facilities for this project being located within a radius of 50km of the plantation were converted and certified.

The water cycle in this valley is intact and has been managed thrifty for millennia.


Turgut, Koordinator vor Ort, Stefan Grabher und Albin Kälin bei der Begutachtung der Plantage




Petrochemical fibers


If the requirement of the end-user is that a textile must be washable, crease-resistant, lightfast, low-shrinkage, etc. polyester was the solution so far.


OceanSafe products meet these requirements as well, petroleum based polymers are developed into fibers that can be biocomposed by using safe catalysts and additives. 

All heavy metals and pollutant-containing finishing processes were consistently replaced by unproblematic ones.

It takes the will and the knowledge: back to "Field One" to avoid making worse a problematic product.





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