A conviction is more than a phrase!

We are a medium-sized trading company with a focus on home textiles, founded in 1987 by Ulrich Fürus in Krefeld.


We are particularly successful as a developer of collections and supplier for well-known textile brands and wholesalers.


The backbone of our company is a highly motivated team with 20 members with individual specific professional expertise.


In our design studio, we create, among other things on behalf of customers, fabrics which we then produce with our international cooperation partners who have special expertise. In addition,  interested customers can also purchase our designs exclusively, but it is also possible to purchase textile products of our own range.


At our warehouse in Krefeld, around 2 million meters of fabrics are permanentely stored, thus allowing for a short term supply to customers.


Our latest product invention, OceanSafe will be our future focused fabrics. We truely comit to sustainable products.

Quality and ecology are not opposing each other!




Ostermundigenstrasse 60

CH 3011 Bern


Lizenznehmer Heimtextil:

Deco Design Fürus GmbH


Adolf Dembach Strasse 5

D-47829 Krefeld

Telefon +49 21 51 49 35 0




  1. Bezugsquellen / Evidence of sources
  2. Kollektion entwickeln / Design of collections
  3. Produktentwicklung / Product development
  4. Schulung / Workshop
  5. Vorlage / Presentations
  6. Unterlagen / Booklets, handouts



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